Lesson 9

The door is closed.
It was made in China.
My work is finished.
The house was built.
Is it cooked?
The food will be paid.
It isn’t changed.
I don’t want to be lost.
He was watched.
My car is broken.
I was stopped.
It is done.

When we want to say that something was done, we use the verb to be and we put –ed at the end of a verb. This grammar is called the passive.
We use the passive when we don’t know who does an action.
There are some verbs which have their special form for the passive. There are 16 of these words for Level 2. These words are
broken, built, chosen, done, eaten, found, frozen, hidden, known, lost, made, paid, stolen, understood, woken up, written.


The little prince didn’t look like a child who was lost.
Something was broken in my engine.
“Your cigarette is finished,” said the little prince.
What you are looking for can be found in one rose.

You can see more examples in the book The Little Prince.