Phrasal verbs

Lesson 14

You can write it down.
The show must go on.
I grew up in a small village.

Sometimes, we use a verb together with another short word. These words are usually for, up, down, on, off, after, in, out. These verbs are called phrasal verbs.

The phrasal verbs which you need to know for Level 3 are

calm down, check in, check out, come in, give up, fall apart, fall down, be fed up with, fill in, get on, get off, get in, get out, get up, go ahead, go on, go out, grow up, hang up, hold on, look for, look after, look forward to, look up, put down, put on, put out, take off, turn on, turn off, sit down, stand up, switch on, switch off, wake up, work out.


What are you looking for?
You can sit down on sand.
The lamplighter put out his lamp.
Look up at the sky.
My heart is looking forward to you.
Every seed wakes up one day.

You can see more examples in the book The Little Prince.