Phrasal verbs

Lesson 16

You can sit down here.
I have to wake up at 7.
Can you help me look for my keys?

Sometimes, we use a verb together with another short word. These words are for, up, down, on, off, after, in, out. These verbs are called phrasal verbs.

The phrasal verbs which you need to know for Level 2 are

check in, check out, fall down, give up, get on, get off, get in, get out, go on, look for, look after, put down, turn on, turn off, sit down, stand up, switch on, switch off, wake up.


The little prince said, “I can look for the glass.”
I sat down because I couldn’t stand.
Every seed wakes up one day.

You can see more examples in the book The Little Prince.