Negative sentence

Lesson 14

I was not here.
I wasn’t here.
I could not help you.
I couldn’t help you.
I was not winning.
I wasn’t winning.
She will not come.
She won’t come.

When we say a negative sentence, we put the word not after the first verb in a sentence. We do it for to be, can, could, present continuous, past continuous and future simple. When we speak, we often use short forms.

I do not sing.
I don’t sing.
She does not sing.
She doesn’t sing.
She did not sing.
She didn’t sing.

In the present simple and past simple, we use don’t, doesn’t or didn’t, when we say a negative sentence.


The water wasn’t only a drink.
I sat down too because I couldn’t stand.
I didn’t understand why I felt so sad.

You can see more examples in the book The Little Prince.

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