Lesson 13

the fastest
the strongest

When we want to say that something is the best, we use –est. We usually use the before these words.

the biggest
the saddest 

When the word has only three letter (consonant + vowel + consonant), we double the last letter.

the simplest / the most simple
the happiest / the most happy

When the word has two syllables, we can use –est or we can use most. When the word has two syllables and it ends with –y, we change –y into –iest.

the most interesting
the most important

When the word has three syllables, we use most.

good – the best
bad – the worst

Some words use special forms.


We have the fastest ship. My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is the best for me.

You can see more examples in the book Robinson Crusoe.